Willkommen GB


Ernst – Moritz – Arndt Grammar School is situated in beautiful  Domeyer Park by the little river Sieber in the southern part of the Harz Mountains.

There are 644 students, 68 teachers and five administrative staff members.

We consider ourselves to be an open-minded, modern and globally orientated school. E-M-A-G is not only short for Ernst Moritz Arndt,  the person who gave his name, but also stands for our leitmotif, namely  Erfolgreich  Miteinander Arbeiten und Gestalten, which means working successfully and creatively together. Our “network EMAG” shows our school  programme and culture and is the basis of our work. We lay special emphasis on systematically improving the quality of our lessons.

Thus, in our Sekundarbereich  I (students aged from 10 to 16) we offer optional classes in Music (violin, trumpet), History (bilingual lessons) and Languages ( Italian). Students may also choose Italianin their A –levels.

A wide range of clubs within the framework of school life from morning to afternoon takes the students´ individual interests into consideration and also meets their right to be supportedand encouraged. Since February 1st, 2014 the EMAG has beena member of the association “Hochbegabungen fördern OHA 1”, which nurtures students with special talents.

In preparation forthe Abitur (A-levels) our students can choosebetween three fields of study: Languages, Mathematics and Natural Sciences , and Social Sciences.

There are exchange programmes with France (Châteaubriant), Italy (Catanzaro), Poland (Warshaw and Gora) and Hungary (Budapest), soour students get the opportunity of broadening their intercultural skills.

Certificates such as “Humanitäre Schule”, “Umweltschule in Europa” and “Lions Questevidence our successful work in the field of social, ecological and preventative work.

As part of our school development programme, we have adopted “Bewegte Schule”,  a programme designed to promote physical activity, thereby creating a balance with the intellectual focus of school.

The EMAG is constantly and actively supported by our students, parents and cooperating partners.


Brigitte Götz, OStD'